Energy for Rural Arizona

Energy for Rural Arizona (ERA) is providing small businesses and agricultural operations throughout Arizona the ability to enhance their property with energy saving integrations and technology. Our team of Engineering and Sustainability students at ASU have joined together to breathe new, sustainable life into the surrounding rural communities. Our mission is to seek out the businesses that could most benefit from this program, provide a low-cost energy audit of their property, and follow through with affordable technology recommendations to see lower energy consumption and greater financial return in the future.

We work with local electric utilities in order to obtain the best value out of energy audits, considering rebates for assessments and implementation. We are an official Qualified Service Provider (QSP) of the Saltwater River Project (SRP) and have worked together previously with Arizona Public Service (APS) and other utilities in Arizona. Our Partnership with the USDA and cooperation with the utilities allows us to provide much lower cost assessments to rural businesses in need.


How to Qualify


Our focus is on providing low-cost energy audits for rural small businesses, pumping stations, and agricultural sites by utilizing our support from the USDA and working with local electric utilities to obtain rebates for audits and implementation.


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What we do

ERA provides both ASHRAE Level I and Level II energy audits. We are capable of analyzing various process equipment, water systems, air systems, fleet efficiency, and much more.

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