The program begins taking applicants in January of 2020. Acceptance will be on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. No mandatory action is needed upon receipt of a free energy assessment. ERA will be able to offer guidance toward financial support for approved energy improvements but will not cover the cost of technology. Due to limited funding and our dedication to clients undergoing assessments, there will be a limit on the number of businesses accepted.

    Who will qualify for support through ERA?

    • For-profit or non-profit businesses
    • Federally recognized tribes 

    Define Rural:

    As defined by the USDA, a rural space is an area or town with a population under 50,000. Eligible rural areas of Arizona will follow the USDA definition and be determined by the town’s population size per the US Census Bureau.

    Define Small Business:

    The small business administration determines business size standards in average annual receipts or the number of employees. The definition varies by industry, yet most wholesaler small businesses must fall under 100 employees and more laborious fields such as wineries must be below 1000 employees. Refer to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations for information by field.