Here you can find resources to determine whether energy efficient investments are right for you.

The Future of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and renewable energy technology are intertwined in several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as apart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It is estimated by 2050 that we will cut close to 1/5 of our current energy use from efficient technology alone (though energy use will continue to increase). As of recently, better appliances, building practices, and efficiency practices have been a popular way for households, businesses, and agriculture to save upwards of thousands of dollars a year on energy bills.

Energy Efficiency means more than just paying less! It means lowering your Carbon Footprint!

A carbon footprint is a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, group, or event expressed as a carbon dioxide equivalent in metric tons (mT).

On average, a business is responsible for 3 mT of carbon emissions per employee per year. (TerraPass)

See the impact of your business below no matter the size!

Farm Specific Carbon Footprint Calculator (by Colorado State University // USDA)

Business Specific Carbon Footprint Calculator 

Household Carbon Footprint Calculator (by EPA)

Resources for Post-Assessment Action

After we perform our energy efficiency audit it is time to make changes around your farm/ business in order for you to save money on your energy bill, and lower your carbon footprint. We know that these processes can be expensive, and need specialized work. So here are some resources for loans, grants, rebates, and workers you could apply for/ hire in order to lessen the financial burden.

How Does Arizona Make Electricity

Arizona being home to a power plant with the second highest capacity in the nation means significant nuclear power– one quarter of the state’s power is from this power plant. Over one third of the electricity is generated from coal. Coal deposits are large for our state but on the decline. On the other hand, renewable energy should continue to be on the rise with Arizona’s abundant solar resources and the goals in place to reach 100% carbon free energy by 2050.