Frequently Asked Questions

Will the assessment cost me anything?

Our program waives 75% expenses for the initial site visit and energy assessment, the other 25% being covered by your utilities provider. In the instance that the utility provider does not cover all remaining expenses, you will be notified prior to the assessment.

Will I be required to take action after the assessment?

The assessment provides information on the business’s inefficiencies and is only in the best interest of the owner. No mandatory action is required after submission although it is highly suggested. Financial support for business improvements cannot be provided, yet we can point you in the direction of loan programs and rebates through our Resources Page.

How soon after submitting an assessment request will I hear back?

We will respond to your request via email within 48 hours of submission. If an email is not provided, you will be contacted by phone.

How can I determine I will save money after these improvements?

Our team will offer you the most educated decisions for your property always keeping your best interest at heart. To gather some statistics for yourself and gain comfort in installing efficient technology, visit our Resources Page.

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